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And it is He who created the night and the day and the sun and the moon; all [heavenly bodies] in an orbit are swimming in their own paths (on space)."(Al-Anbiya, 21:33)

            The Quran verse above explains to us in a scientific viewpoint about the system of the universe, whereby all move on their respective orbit sand tracks.  All the planets, moons and stars will not collide with one another as long as Allah wills it as such; these movements are those of Sunnatullah or the movement of the norms.  The earth circles around the sun for a year in one direction, the moon circles around the earth for a month on one direction and all the planets in the universe circle the sun in one direction known as the Tawaf Movement (Anticlockwise).

Sports athletes also run following the Tawaf Movement as it is associable with the speed of the running.

The Earth moves around the Sun following the Tawaf Movement, the earth itself circles on its axis following the Tawaf Movement, and this also goes for the moon that moves around the Earth, and all planets and stars contained in the solar system.  They all move on their respective axes and orbits on the same direction (Tawaf Movement) and this movement has become the cosmic law to the movement of the universe.

The Galaxy spinning in the Tawaf Movement
The moon spinning the earth on Tawaf Movement

             In actuality, the law of the movement of the universe or the law of rotation of Tawaf Movement does not only involve objects on space but it also involves Allah’s creatures as small as atom particles, which are only visible under the microscope.   The electron in the atom also moves on its own axis then it spins around the atom nucleus following the Tawaf Movement.   Concrete, fluid also gas are all the products of thousands or even millions of combined atom particles, which further indicates that this law of Tawaf Movement is also applied to the vast majority of objects in this universe:  planets, plants, moons on every planet, star, land, water and so on.  The chair on which we are seated and the computer mouse, also carry atom particles. 

Electron in the atom structure rotating following the Tawaf Movement.

             Our body cells are also of no exception, due to the fact that the human body itself comprises of a lot of cells.  Cytoplasm that is contained in the cell, moves around the nucleus in the same Tawaf Movement.

Cytoplasm moves around the nucleus following the Tawaf Movement.
Sprawling plants are also observed to have climbed their way according to this movement.
Also, the shell of the snail also adheres to this Tawaf Movement.  

Such is the creation of Allah S.W.T from the smallest of atoms right to the grand scale of the Sun, each performing the rotation according to the Tawaf Movement.   In humble gesture, the rotation adheres to what has been pre-determined by Allah S.W.T. It is somehow never understandable why we humans do not seem to have the capacity to think and ponder upon this.  All the creations of Allah rotate and circle in the Tawaf Movement and they must have their own blessings, but in our own egoistical nature, we tend to side-step this and continue to create and wear a watch that opposes the Sunnatullah/norms of nature.


44. Allah created the heavens and the earth in truth;   Indeed in that is a sign for the believers.
                                                                                                                                                       (Al-Ankabut, 29:44)

When performing Tawaf Movement in Kaabah, our left shoulder will remain on the left and our hearts will be closer to Kaabah as compared to the clockwise direction.  Our Tawaf Movement will be in tandem with the movement of all the things available in the universe; the planet, moon, the sun, the cells, the atom and the blood in the body simultaneously making us calmer afterwards. The age-old Tawaf Movement rotation in Kaabah which inception was centuries ago, if studied scientifically, can produce an electromagnetic wave that moves upwards.  The principle used is identical to the one used in Physics class, namely the Right Hand Rule. 

The Right Hand Rule dictates that the magnetic field is indirectly able to produce this upward energy.   There is a big possibility that this energy force is the one that causes one’s prayer in Masjidil Haram to be easily answered birthed from the frequent movements of Tawaf Movement performed there for centuries, which produces the energy or prayer waves that move in an upward direction.

Scientifically speaking, the Tawaf Movement produces the electromagnetic energy that goes upwards.   If one wears a watch that rotates following the Tawaf Movement, automatically the person will feel the waves coming towards him or her every time he or she looks at the watch.   
In reality, it is only Allah AlMighty who knows the real secret behind the circling of the movement.  As Muslims, it is definitely not wrong for us to succumb and surrender to the norms of Allah (Fitrah) and His Prophet (Sunnatullah) as we know there must be a lot of good that can be derived from all His wondrous creations. Allah creates the smallest objects like the atoms to the all-enveloping galaxy, and with only one rotation and to only one direction, namely  Tawaf Movement; at the same time, this indicates that it would then be inappropriate for us as the servants of Allah to be using watches that contrast with the  Fitrah or Sunnatullah. Let us transform ourselves, transform by using a Watch that is Islam-compliant, change the way we think, from the bad to good and from the world of darkness to blinding light.  Wassalam.

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